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Here at Novaserv, Teleservices is more than just filling seats and making phone calls. Through our effective and consistent training process, we coach our Account Specialists to effectively execute call strategies and build a lasting rapport with customers. We strive to have the best Account Specialists who do not just sell, but do it with the utmost respect for the customer which in return produces happy, repeat customers. Our unique and effective strategies make us the best when it comes to telesales. We invest in every phone call and build a lasting business relationship with each and every customer.

We pride ourselves on always providing honest and accurate information to the customer which allows us to build trust with them which will in return build a lasting relationship based on trust and integrity with you as a business. We understand the importance of how to communicate with customers and that is why we treat your customers with the same integrity they would expect from you. We focus on quality presentations and professionalism on each and every customer interaction. We are always looking at ways to increase our communication with your customers along with ways to continue to help increase your bottom line.