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Training Model


It is not our goal to hire sales agents. We hire, train and develop people to become Account Specialists. In today’s world, customers appreciate a quick but pleasant interaction. We utilize a behavior based interview strategy to identify strengths and weaknesses based on the applicant’s past situational behaviors at their previous employment. We also administer a database and payment portal test during our interview process to help identify the applicant’s multitasking, data entry abilities and level of computer competency. Before making a final hiring decision, we administer a reading competency and voice quality exercise. When we do make a final hiring decision, we not only offer the candidate a job, we make a commitment to each candidate’s development and successful career with our Novaserv family. This increases and ensures Account Specialists confidence and carries over to pleasant and effective interactions with each customer.


We believe in establishing a solid foundation from day one. Product knowledge and effective Sales Strategy instills confidence which in turn creates the best Account Specialist. The Account Specialist learns how to become an extension of our clients and comfortably speak their language. We utilize sales technique training, product videos, role-playing, spreadsheets, PowerPoint, and a handful of other resources to aid in building confidence. Our initial classroom training is complete when the group is ready, not when the calendar says so. Even after the completion of the classroom training, the employee development and coaching continues throughout their tenure.   Along with our Account Specialists, our Mentors, Team Leaders and Management Staff continuously participate in development sessions to further their progress.

We understand that everyone learns differently and at a different pace. Some people are visual learners, some are verbal learners, some are active learners, etc. Therefore, we use several different resources to help our Account Specialist best represent your company. Below are just a handful of methods that we use to help develop our Account Specialists:


  • Demo Calls – An Account Specialist listening to a Team Leader/Mentor executing the sales strategy effectively, usually with a focus on one specific strategy at a time.
  • Residual Training – Identifying multiple Account Specialists with similar opportunities and conducting a training session focused on those opportunities. Effective PowerPoint presentations are used to assist in reducing the learning curve and overcome their obstacles.
  • Individual Checklist – Weekly monitoring of Account Specialists calls and reviewing their strengths and opportunities with them individually. Then develop an improvement plan and secure Account Specialist’s commitment.
  • Self-Development Session – Allowing an Account Specialist to listen to their own calls and make a self-assessment with their Team Leader and develop an improvement plan and secure commitment.
  • Peer Monitoring – An Account Specialist listens to another to gain a better understanding of how to properly execute the sales strategy.
  • Desk-Side Coaching – A Team Leader/Mentor sits next to an Account Specialist while taking calls. The Team Leader provides live one on one coaching during and between calls. This method is also used to improve navigation efficiency through the multiple databases, payment portals, websites necessary to provide a superior customer service experience.
  • Role-Playing – A Team Leader and Account Specialist role play a specific strategy within a script until execution is perfected. The Account Specialist returns to taking calls once the improvements are made. The Team Leader will conduct follow-up monitoring throughout the day to ensure improvements are maintained.